Just DO
Shubh & Labh
will Follow.

HHW is short for Happy, Healthy and Wealthy. We provide ways and means for everyone to live a healthier and happier life.

We believe – Just do Shubh & Labh will Follow.

We always strive for the betterment of people through our work. Our products are all reasonably priced and we have options at various price points. You can be sure to find what you need at our showroom located at HHW Fitness and Health, UG-1, Vikram Urbane, Behind Sayaji Hotel, Sch. No. 54, Indore (M.P.)

We have two segments with which we aim to fulfill our vision of improving everyone’s lives.

50% cashback* on all purchases
50% cashback* on all purchases


Our first aim is to help individuals live a healthier life by providing all kinds of health and fitness equipment. We believe your body is your temple and we hope to help you keep healthy and fit by using our products which can easily be integrated in gyms and also your homes. We understand that not everyone has the time to go to the gym and so we have compact and easily portable equipment to choose from.

AC Motorised Treadmill


Massage Chair


Dumbell Rack

Recumbent Exercise Bike

Home Gym

Orbitrac / Air Exercise Bike


Our second effort is to provide mobility products and assistive devices for specially-abled people so they can be independent in their day to day life. Our mobility solutions include the best ISI certified Tricycles, Folding Wheelchair, Handicapped Steering Tricycle, Walking Aids, Crutches, Walking Sticks, Tripods, Scooter Side Wheel Attachments and many more.



Audio Meter

Battery Operated 3 Vehicle


Special Equipment


Assistive Device


Both our product lines are world-class and certified with the highest standards in the industry to ensure your comfort and ease of use. We welcome you to visit our showroom at Vijay Nagar to experience our products before you buy. We have a vast product range and you can be sure to find what you need at very reasonable price points.

If you would like to see the whole range of our products, feel free to visit our site – www.ActiveForAll.co.in

HHW Fitness and Health, UG-1, Vikram Urbane, Behind Sayaji Hotel, Sch. No. 54

Indore (M.P.)

+91 74899 05772

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